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Alaska – The Last Frontier

Alaska / Washington / Canada Trip Summary August  17th – 28th  2016
1,667 miles in 6 rental cars (which is lower than my 2-3,000 average on a trip but I did two tours which did about 500 miles for me)
13 airports and 10 flights in 11 days
1,973 photos (88.2GB) between my Canon 5D Mark II and a rented Canon 5Ds
1,462 iPhone photos and video
47.4 GB of dash camera video
Alaska makes state #49 for me leaving Hawaii as the last state.
I was in Seattle, Vancouver, Juneau, Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Barrow.
With the NW and Northernmost points of the USA completed I got the corners done of the USA.

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